as a teenager myself, I think our age group over hypes things a bit too much. The mere fact that a six-second video is able to get so popular purely from the constant attachment to social media that is only associated with the pre-teens and teenagers (maybe stretching to immature young adults) is worrying when you think that most of those people don’t even know who’s ruling their country.

A few days ago, I was trying to explain the ‘#1 New York Times Bestseller’, critically acclaimed, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. It shocked me to know that this, 30 or so, friend of my mum’s, didn’t know this humorous and tragic novel, that was so well known with me and my friends.

Do we really tune out of the outside world that much? It makes me wonder how small all our dramas really are in context to the events that happen everywhere else..


6 thoughts on “hype

  1. Being a teenager is a wonderful experience. Enjoy the rapture of youth! The world is a vast place with so many layers. Yes, at that age your own world is what it’s about but keep your heart, eyes, and ears open. There are terrible people out there. It’s best to move about with morals and common sense and know that karma will come around so be polite in a world full of meanies. Your character will develop if you keep true to you!

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