Wake up.

I am so. Fucking. Ignorant.

Ignorance may be bliss but when you finally snap out of it, it’s fucking shell shock. I’d like to think I’m aware of what’s going on in the world, what’s going on with the people of the world, but somehow, somehow, I managed to block out all the pain and hatred, to selectively block it out of my mind.

Well now I’ve had a reality check. So why the fuck am I complaining? The iPhone 4S isn’t good enough for me, there are people who have no way of conacting loved ones. My room isn’t warm enough, remember walking past the people sleeping outside? I haven’t got enough money to buy that dress. There a people who can’t afford female hygiene kits for that time of the month, like that worn out advert on the tube says, “After being stripped of family and her home, don’t let her be robbed of her dignity.” I get pissed when my mum won’t let me go to a concert, there are children who can’t do anything but curl up into a ball and cry when their parents repeatedly abuse them.

So what am I going to do about it?

Nothing, as usual.


13 thoughts on “Wake up.

  1. Thank you for those rays of insight warm with a little righteous anger. A baby bird just wants to wake up for food maybe. It has not flown. You want to wake up to get right and be fair – knowing the face of truth. It humbles me. Led by a heart of love we want to walk in love, and that is Truth. Material need is important, but a good heart is an end in itself. Send up sweet prayers to Jesus if you’ve got faith sister, and if you don’t please consider Him.

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  2. The world is really an unfair place, isn’t it? We stop to feel bad when we realise that there are people in far worse conditions. Truth is, we all have holes in our hearts. Our duty as humans, to other humans, is to help fill those holes as much as possible.


  3. are you really going to do nothing about it?usual to to do nothing
    i thought you hated that kind of ignorant oblivion, its not usual to do nothing if it is change and break that ignorance cycle

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  4. its all about the little things, i can’t tell you what to do.That you already have programmed within you, you just need to rediscover it.Small ways in which you can better the world from where you are, and with who you are, are more than enough.
    There is no need to resign yourself to the cynicism that nothing you do will help that’s just a polite way of admitting to cowardice which i don’t think you are.
    Even this blog is something, who knows how many people read it and get inspired or become aware.Its all about the little things, start there.

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