Taking Stock.

Taking Stock.

Making: Green Tea. 

Cooking: Microwave Rice. I know, I’m basically Gordon Ramsay.Reading: (Re-reading) Starter For Ten by David Nicholls, the funny bits are so realistic and unfortunately similar to my own life it makes me cringe.

Wanting: To actually find some pretty flowers to press. Sorry flowers, I’m sure you’re all beautiful inside.

Looking: At my tiny little iPhone 4S’ screen and thinking about the damage I’m doing to my already below-average eyes.

Playing: Without – Years &Years on this wonderful little app called Deezer with which I can listen to music offline during the ’15 day free trial’ because I’m too broke for Spotify premium.

Deciding: Whether I’ve got enough energy to cut real tomatoes to go with my microwave rice or if I’ll be lazy and use tomato salsa instead.

Wishing: I had lots of money so I could hire a chef to make yummy vegan meals for me which somehow all include avocado.

Enjoying: My earphones with one broken earbud. No, not really.

Wanting: The summer holidays to be about a month longer. 

Liking: The weather lately. I have a lowkey fear of going outside not wearing a jacket and as this is England, I can go outside in the summer and it be a pleasant temperature but still look normal in a denim jacket.

Wondering: Why I lose all my socks. Is there a vacuum that just sucks them all up? Is there a secret black market that only sells left socks? 

Loving: Deezer, again. Music really is a necessity when you spend most of your time at home with no internet and very, very bad phone signal.

Pondering: Whether if I dye my hair pink then maybe I might not be allowed back into school. That’d be a sure fire way of securing that extra month of holiday.

Watching: 500 Days Of Summer. Again. The soundtrack to that movie is one of the best feats of film making I’ve ever encountered and it should be celebrated. 

Hoping: They stop putting gelatine in most sweets because a) iI’s gross. Stop it. b) I really want some Haribos. 

Marvelling: That there is a possibility that at some point in my life I might create another human being and house it in my belly for the first nine months of its existence.

Smelling: The green tea I just made. If I’m honest, it doesn’t smell that great.

Wearing: Pyjamas. (A Tom & Jerry too and shorts) It’s only 16:00. Duhh.

Thinking: I really want to go back to that Chinese All You Can Eat Buffet. I’m really craving some corn balls.

Admiring: Everyone who’s not wearing Pyjamas right now.

Sorting: Probably should be sorting my stuff out to go back to school but we’ve already established I’m lazy.

Getting: A new backpack. This one will be the third.. I lose a lot of stuff.

Disliking: Spinach. My mum seems to understand “I hate spinach.” as “Please find new, incentive ways to hide spinach in all my meals.”

Giggling: At Nothing. I don’t have pathetic emotions like happiness. Eurgh, I’m disgusted you even suggested it.

Wishing: That I could cut out the whole buffet thing and just get some Corn Balls. They taste really good.

Helping: Myself to some soda water. Eh, I’m self-involved and I love it.


some random facts about me

I’m feeling a little low on inspiration today so I’d thought I’d do this.

1. I was born in Saint-Denis, Paris and moved to the UK.

2. I go to boarding school in the middle of nowhere.

3. I’m a vegan (but I often slip up when it comes to sweets)

4. Most of my clothes are from Thrift Stores.

5. I really, really hate Eurodisney/Disneyland.

6. My favourite book is The Ciderhouse Rules, John Irving.

7. My favourite song is Mad World, Gary Jules but that will probably have changed by tomorrow 

 8. I’m going to stop at 8 because that seems like a solid number.

See you later everyonee 🙂


perks of being vegan

I’m often asked why I am a vegan and repeatedly confronted with statements like “I couldn’t do it, I love cheese too much.” Or “There’s no point, it’s impossible for one person to make a difference.”

The truth is, you can do it. If you were allergic or simply pushed yourself hard, we all know you can achieve anything.

And, as a person much smarter than me once said: 

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it.”

So why not? I can’t stomach the thought of a cow being pumped drugs and then being torn away from her family to be slaughtered then churned up to make a Big Mac so it can’t possibly be fair for me to eat one.

How can you justify that?