‘colourblind’ is a sad joke.

Please don’t be colourblind. Be fascinated by the rich tones of my skin. Watch in awe as the sun give my face a glorious sheen. Shiver with pleasure as you contemplate the limitless bounds of race. And in turn, I will marvel at the perfect pallor of your skin. I will wonder endlessly about the flawless canvas which is your colour. And like a child, I will sit wide-eyed, giggling with ecstasy as I come across more and different physical appearances. All different, but all beautiful. So please, don’t be colourblind; rather, embrace the varying features of our amazing species.


But you say there is equality.

When I was little, I wanted to be white.
That’s the colour the sweet, popular girl at school was. That’s the colour the beautiful, breath-taking supermodels on the billboards. And that was the colour all the characters in my favourite tv series were. Which role models looked like me? Beyoncé is now the third woman (behind Naomi Campbell & Halle Berry) to grace the cover of Vogue in the magazine’s 123 years of publication, and people are raving as if this is iconic. That’s not iconic. That’s ridiculous. The third in 123 years. But you say there is equality.
My mother moved from France to England because she didn’t believe she, a young black woman, could get a respectable teaching job where we were. My mum forced me to read English story books, meant for an age much younger than I was yet it was still extremely difficult. She made me read every single day and I hated every minute of it. I see know that she did this so I could speak English perfectly by the time it mattered, by the time people started to assume I was illiterate, uneducated and ignorant from the colour of my skin. And even though my mum spent hours teaching me the English I am able to speak so fluently now, due to her patience and encouragement, you can still tell English is her second language. She asks me how to say certain British expressions to fit in, She asks me to proofread emails for her, out of embarrassment that she feels her English isn’t sufficient enough to be taken seriously, it sickens me that while their mastery of the English language is more than proficient, it doesn’t matter, because the rest of the world doesn’t care. But you say there is equality.

I grew up, watching the world’s understanding of my cultural heritage being reduced to the “black best friend”, being portrayed as domestic help, sassy and thugs. I grew up being asked “but, where are you really from?” as a reply to when I told them I was born in France. I grew up, being told I had to be the servant when I played families with my white friends, when I held in me the fact that when slavery was finally abolished, slaves received no apology and the slave-owners often received a minimum of £50 per slave in compensation. The slave-owners received paid compensation. But you say there is equality.
I live in a country that when a well-known television presenter says the racist n-slur, on air, he keeps his job .I live in the 21st century, where the only understanding I can get about the story behind my heritage comes from my own parents, where the only times I can see people who look like me on screen and aren’t portrayed in a degrading, racially comic, stereotypical way is on YouTube. The caricatures on television teaches us that we are brash, aggressive deficient at English and poor. But you say there is equality.
Who would want to black? In the few instances coloured people made an appearance on my television, they were always the criminals, the delinquents, the poor or had a funny accent everyone could laugh at. Obviously no way someone who wasn’t white could be educated, wealthy or even just a generally good person.

But still, you love your jazz music, your fried chicken. Please, enjoy your holidays to the Caribbean, your corn rows and Morgan Freeman.



I have just read the most infuriating and misogynistic piece of writing I have read in a long time. At the moment. I am just hoping and praying to my atheist God that it was written by a man because, although I know it’ll will only make a journey to equality harder if we face such oppression, it would kill me inside just that little bit more if a woman genuinely thought this is how we, the female race, should set about “realistically improving our lives”.This writer expresses that if you disagree with the statement “women are happier in the home” you are deluded. He completely discredits the whole movement of feminism, boldly claiming that “feminism is a lie” and that it is a “misandrist, supremacist movement”. Sorry but last time I checked, women were nowhere near perceived as the supreme sex so you’ve left me quite confused as how exactly feminists are supremacists. He goes into to ignorantly state that as all feminists are “insidious” they will “make you ignore your biological yearnings (for children, for a husband, for a hearth)”. Not only am I offended that this moronic man obviously thinks that our only purpose on this earth is to procreate, why would a feminist tell someone not to have children? Since when did feminists decide to end the world by choosing to never reproduce? At last, he says something that vaguely resembles some notion of intelligence, “Read deeply, improve yourself, learn new things.” I completely agree with this and I love reading but of course he has to ruin with his misogynism, shattering my dreams of him becoming a respectable person. “Don’t whore. Men don’t wife whores”. He tries to defend the double standard on sex for the different genders by stating: “Men are admired when they have lots of sex because sex is hard for them to get. Women are scorned when they have lots of sex because sex is easy for them to get”. I’m not too sure where he got these facts from but moving on from the fact his whole argument lacks any credibility, why should how easy a person is able to acquire sex determine how much they should have? And if there is a difference between the two sexes, surely we should be seeking to bridge that gap rather than scorn one sex? Gender equality goes both ways.

If you thought that was enough, think again. This writer continues his barrage of harassment, now attacking what women look like: “Men will not be attracted to the fat girl with the beautiful face.” I do not believe you should change the way you look, act or feel for anybody but yourself and especially not for women hating morons. He continues building his wall of hate with the harsh sentence: “Fat acceptance is a cancer.” Let me tell you what disease is truly killing the souls of women, young and old, and the prospect of equality. Misogyny.