When did we allow how we see our bodies to be dictated by a set of moronic ideals that stray from our natural and healthy present state? And why do we continue to force stupid standards down our own throats, making little children believe no one will love them if they don’t look the the supermodels on the cover of Vogue, because they don’t know even the supermodels have been airbrushed and photoshopped. Why are women shunned for selling sex and yet there is no one condemning the men who create the demand and employ them for their services? Even worse, why is there more awareness around prostitutes than the sickeningly ever-flourishing industry of sex-trafficking. Homosexuality is illegal in Pakistan and can be punished by death, yet there is no law protecting men and transexuals from being raped by “straight’ men. Men have no legal protection against rape. And sadly, even in the countries where this is recognized as a clear violation of human rights, men will often be shamed into not coming forward to the police.But all of this isn’t important, didn’t you hear? Kylie Jenner and Tyga got a new puppy.