things shy people hate.

things shy people hate.

  • Being introduced as shy. 

Stop. Just don’t do it. Do you think that person is unable to recognise someone’s personality traits alone? By doing this, you forbid them from being anything but shy, making it like they are contradicting or betraying you if they even try to be openly excited, or loud, or even happy.

  • Not inviting them to places because you think they won’t enjoy it. 

There is a 67% possibility that they will say no but then there is also a 33% chance they will say yes and if you don’t even try to ask them then it will just make them think that you don’t want to hang out with them and make them retreat into their turtle shells.

  • Being asked, “Why are you so shy?”

I don’t know why I am shy, if I did I wouldn’t be. While I figure out my life, please don’t keep pestering me with why’s because it just reminds me of my flaws and let’s me know it’s super noticeable.

  • Don’t laugh at my awkwardness.

Why would you do this? I don’t understand in what world would this be acceptable?? It’ll just make me feel even awkwarder and trip over my words and want to hibernate forever.
I think that concludes my organised slightly rant. Sorry it was kinda short and kinda bad. Thank you so much for 500+ followers πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ


25 thoughts on “things shy people hate.

  1. Rei says:

    All of this is so true, wow. I used to be shy, and that was exactly how everyone addressed me, “the shy one.” Ughhh. PS, I nominated you for an award! πŸ™‚

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  2. I’ve never been much of a talker and small talk can be a drag. I think most people see my lack of engagement in two ways: I’m either “the shy one” or “that kind of bitchy chick we have that one class with.” C’est la vie.

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  3. oqu3 says:

    Dear Emmamorica; Am now up to the second in the series, discussing feelings of inadequacy in the young person. I know the things which would keep you from coming to the site. A) Fear of being brainwashed religious wise. B) Discussion of a frailty (make pronounced your fears). And the last is remarkable but true, C) Coming face to face with deliverance (yes a fear of success) IE losing the comfort of role play perpetuation. I respect all three and apologize for any presumptions I’ve fallen victim to. And yes D) You are a voice in the community (fear that the knowledge I wish to impart will dislodge the blogging world’s contribution of identity values you bask in) Cool, ‘sall good. I will not contact you again to honor the respect I should afford you, in protocol.

    Pleas read part one first.

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