“I’m sitting in a coffee shop alone. Where are all the witty, feminist, art boys and why aren’t they falling in love with me?”

My thoughts about 7 hours ago and I’m beginning to think John Green lied to me seeing as I can’t seem to come across anyone near Augustus Waters. Maybe the problem is I’m nowhere near Hazel Grace but surely there should be enough metaphors for everyone? If not, I’m disappointed..

Eh, I’ll just carry on hibernating in my room with a schedule that consists solely of tumblr, eating food and making horrendously bad edits.

Bye everyoneee 



12 thoughts on “reality

  1. someoneuseless says:

    This is great. And my addiction to fictional characters is so serious that I apply it to real life when I see guys. Like, unless they look as good as Percy Jackson, I’m not interested (which is dumb considering with my looks, the best I could hit on is a stinky trash can). Oh well.

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      • someoneuseless says:

        Hah, yep it’s a real struggle. Oh really? I should get their addresses. We could hang out sometime in some slums or something. Maybe grab a drink 😎(Gosh, my life is so sad.)

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