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well I just spent about 2 hours on Facebook looking at tumblr accounts because tumblr is blocked on the school wifi (wifi and data are another story). During that time, I received 1 call and 2 texts, all of them telling me I should be somewhere else. I think I’ve become to accepting of my dependence to my phone and the Internet and as I’m such my friends now all about. 

I can’t seem to go without checking my phone for 10 minutes, whether I’m bored or watching a really good film. I’ve taken to bringing my phone charger with me when I go to different places because my phone can’t simply be dead. I bring my phone to my lessons with me and impulsively check Facebook or play Cow Evolution (don’t download it, you’ll never stop) for no particular reason.

I just can’t seem to shake my addiction..


6 thoughts on “social media

  1. I used to have one of those old phones(not smart phone ) with out any data or interesting game, and the only usage of my phone was to call and text just when it’s neccery. I used to read more books that I do right now . I think the only solution for stop wasting time on smart phones is to change our phone or delete all apps that we waste time on ๐Ÿ™‚ or at least try to have control on our minds .

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