Quote Lovers Unite

“There is blood on our hand, for we have killed great potentials, with rusty iron swords of discrimination and prejudice. Oh this place, this place smells like God has bled to death.”                                                   – Unknown 

I feel like everyday, humanity crushes dreams. There are so many suicides, each day, each second, that they are overlooked, casually swept under the carpet as if they never happened.

Talents are wasted because someone wasn’t gifted with a ‘pretty’ face. Instead of someone being recognised for their musical talent, a woman who released a sex tape is now a millionaire and has her own reality TV shows.

People are murdered daily based on a belief of a God that may not exis, beliefs that have been twisted and bent to suit their opinion and children are sent to war for a country that will not remember them. 

Often, I am ashamed to call Eaeth my home and humans my people.

I nominate Elm, her blog is so funny and interesting – I can always count on her to bring a smile to my face 🙂

Thanks again to A Teenage Poet for the nomination!


2 thoughts on “Quote Lovers Unite

  1. Keep an eye on the harm and danger but keep it at bay. Live within the light of the good of the world and expose the bad. Do not live within the worst of humanity. Focus on the good and promote it. Others of good nature will find you and together you will grow in strength of number. Always remember, never forget, this is your time ! Seize the Day !

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  2. This is a powerful post and the quote makes a great opening. It often seems as if humanity is a hopelessly squalid waste of brain matter but that is only because our intellectual and social evolution is slow and ragged. I agree with nomoremrniceguy.

    Focus on the good and promote it. There is more good than bad on this Earth. We can change our world for the better and we have; that’s a fundamental truth that many people prefer to forget.

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