If you are a quote lover,

First of all, I just want to say thanks to  My Emptied Notebooks, her blog is really cool and interesting, it always manages to either make me laugh or think a bit.

“This is not a time for heroes because no one will let that happen.”                              .         The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

The whole book was brilliant but this made me stop and think. There a so many things wrong with the world at the moment and no one seems to be doing anything to change it. Maybe this is why?

I nominate Impostorpawn! Her blog is really inspiring and her poems are amazing, you should definitely check it out! :))


2 thoughts on “If you are a quote lover,

  1. Changing the world is a challenging task. I have tried to teach the world that health care has different issues that need addressing. I try to show compassion and empathy, but diplomatically let the world know that burying one’s head in the sand is no longer an option.
    Feel free to join those of us looking to make a difference. We don’t do it for money or recognition; we do it because we feel blessed and fortunate and want others to share in these same opportunities.
    Your heart is definitely in the right place!

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