those quotation marks over freedom hold a lot of weight.

“Isn’t it strange how food, water and land – the very elements we need to survive – are owned by corporations? There is no food for us on trees, no fresh water in streams, no land to build a home. We have to buy it from them.”

When did we start to blindly accept that the bare necessities of life, the one’s ‘God’ is meant to have given us had a price? A price which benefits a select few and whilst they life in their fairytale, enchanted worlds, children are starving around the world. I live in England, the land is fertile and great for agriculture. So why am I buying tomatoes from a supermarket, grown a few hundred miles away? 

“Then grow your own!” I hear you say. Yeah, see the problem with that is is have to buy the seeds to begin with.

Lovely, capitalist world we’re living in.


9 thoughts on ““Freedom”

  1. willbott says:

    I often dream of an alternative reality in which currency was never created. We trade for what we want. You want some flour? You have to go to the guy that makes it and trade something you’ve made or grown. No one gets anything without having done something first to gain said product. There is no super rich, because to gain they HAVE to trade.
    “Freedom” is an interesting notion in itself. Who’s actually free anymore? I’d say just wildlife. No human is truly free anymore. Even outer tribes are wearing Nike and starting to use modern currency.

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    • I think that somehow even a simple, fair system like that would become corrupt. Greed and selfishness are such a human trait that I don’t think they could ever be completely eradicated.
      As for freedom, I really don’t know. I am freer than the girls in Syria who aren’t allowed to ride bicycles solely because of their gender however I am stuck in a boarding school, my life dominated by rules and curfews. However, that is seen as my choice. But it is not my choice that people are grouped and judged depending on where they spent a good part of their teenage life, being told things and then asked to repeat them in standardised testing.


      • willbott says:

        You’re right.
        The greed and filth in our lesser human kin would always find a way to ruin a good system and turn it for their own gain.
        That’s sadly always how it will be. Maybe the film Minority Report was on to something with those precogs..
        There are those less free than yourself. I would consider myself then even more free than you. I work fulltime and make my own choices. But then, I’m not free. I’m held by my job and by bills and by society. I dream to be free, skiing my days away and just living.
        Is that too much to ask?

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  2. For change to occur awareness must exist. People must then become part of the solution. It requires time, effort and patience. As people unify and work together, big companies begin to listen. A great example is GMO products. Chipotle (a major food chain in the U.S.) will NOT sell any GMO products.

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  3. I wish I could say I was a teen again, well, then – no not really. I have walked the planet now for a half a century. I have seen many places, done many things. Currently I grow all of my food – minus oils and nuts.

    In my world we do trade things for other things. No money exchanges hands. However, the trade itself is a means of currency. There is a difference in Money and currency. If I give you a loaf of bread for a hammer then I have used a currency. If I give you a pound for a hammer then I have used money as my currency.

    Life is not fair. And to try and achieve a balance of fairness is futile. One will always have to work to achieve. Some will work harder than others and some will not work at all.

    Remember too when you speak of freedom that it freedom is not tangible. It is spiritual in nature. You are born a free person. You live a free person. The constraint placed upon you is not by the world but yourself. A man in prison can still be free. Freedom is within you. It may never be taken. https://nomomrniceguy.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/honesty-truth-trust-and-relationships/

    Enough with the soap box – who has the salsa ?

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