“All this delusion in our heads is gonna bring us to our knees.”

I think I need to stop living in a fairytale world.

I’m not going to get a perfect body by eating toast while watching millionaire matchmaker.

I’m not going to do well in my test if I’m shopping online when I should be revising.

And I’m sure as hell not going to get the boy of my dreams by stalking him on Facebook.

But for some reason, I can’t seem to help myself get any closer to my goals. Procrastination has become second nature and you’ll more often than not find me in bed watching YouTube.


9 thoughts on “delusional.

  1. willbott says:

    There’s nothing wrong with doing what makes you happy, but achieving your goals is paradoxically another goal to achieve. No matter how many youtube videos I watch I still don’t get any of them done. I feel that just sitting back and enjoying life can sometimes be as rewarding as any goal. I have many goals, but don’t let the achievement of which hold you down. If you’re happy, maintain that course.


  2. willbott says:

    This is true. When you wish you had a different life it then becomes time to find the motivation to make that different life happen.
    I want a different life for myself, I’m just waiting for the right person to motivate me or share it with. The life I am after is quite a change from my own though…

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