Dear God,

dear god, if you’re up there, I hope you’re having fun.

I’ve somewhat gathered that being in charge of a load of a people isn’t always easy, however surely that should be be a whole let less difficult if you’re the most powerful being in the world and have a penchant for being extremely altruistic, would you like to explain why millions and millions of innocent people dying every day?


20 thoughts on “Dear God,

  1. Hi! You subscribed to my hubby’s blog (coramdeotheblog.com), so that’s how I found your blog. Thanks for subscribing!
    Anyway, My answer would be that God has commanded us to be His hands and feet by loving our neighbors. How well are we doing? (or is it “How good are we doing?” – you got me.) : )
    God might respond to your question with “Good question! I have an entire Book that answers your question. But be sure not to miss JOB chapters 38-42. And by the way, I hope you enjoy every beautiful sunrise and sunset that I’ve given you.”

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  2. I don’t think that God just lets things happen. Crap happens and wonderful things happen because humans have free will. I for one would not want that taken away from me. If God stopped letting things happen it would mean that he would be dictating our every decision. Our free will would be taken away. What would be the fun in that?

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    • I’m not saying I want my free will taken away. I’m just saying that if I was omnipotent and benevolent why would I let innocent people die at the the hands of things like natural disasters? You can prevent natural disasters without taking away free will


  3. That is something we will never understand. We see them used by God in two different ways. First is to punish the sinful, what we see as innocent and what we see as innocent are different.. The second is to give opportunity for people to show their faith and do acts of love and kindness. Romans 8:28. I’m not saying I like it, it’s just that’s two of the reasons God creates them. I would bet there is a reason the plates have to shift scientifically.


  4. A Heart Project says:

    Hi Emmamori!

    I think we believe in many things we don’t quite understand. I believe that if I sit in a chair it’s gonna hold my weight. I’m almost sure that I plop into chairs without a second guess! Lol!

    I guess what I’m trying to say is none of us go into intense research about most things we interact with on a daily basis. We kinda just do it because that’s how it’s always been done. It’s kind of an “if it worked for them, it’ll work for me” mentality.

    I would say, if you’re honestly curious about why bad things happen to good people, ask “God” himself. If you believe that there is a possibility that He exists amongst the horrors of this world and is completely indifferent about it all, totally search it out and ask some questions aloud with the expectation that you’ll get an answer. Honestly, give it a shot! (Besides, any God that says He’s love and says that He Lords over the whole universe is entirely too big to miss and too kind to be apathetic. I’m sure He can answer some questions… Lol!)

    I hope you find some comfort and peace in all of this! 🙂

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  5. Hi Emmamori,

    The answer to your question is found in a Bible, simply stated, we live in world stained by SIN. I never debate the existence of God because everyone knows He exists whether they admit it or not. The Bible explains the current condition of the world and God’s plan of restoration. I would be happy to share it with you.

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  6. loricarlson66 says:

    From a Buddhist perspective, I believe bad things happen to good people because it is a lesson we need to learn on our spiritual journey. One may even say it is their karma left from another lifetime, but I don’t quite believe karma works that way. Still, I do think it is a lesson, not only for the one it happens to, but for those around them. Peace and Blessings.

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    • I’m really interested in Buddishm, what exactly does it mean? Sure, bad thing definitely happen to good people but I’m not sure if I want to believe in a God who permits that to happen. I’m not sure about karma either but you can learn from something, whether you deserved it or not. Lots of Love, Em x

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      • loricarlson66 says:

        In Buddhism, the belief is that there is disharmony in the world and within ourselves because of attachment to things, it causes great suffering.. the more you detach from material things and release negative things from your life, the more peaceful your life will become… the “expectation” of life goes away… instead of expecting things to happen to you, you make your own life… does that make sense? I can give you greater details if you like or direct you to some great books. Buddhism also puts an emphasis on compassion, kindness, love and giving… there is no God to worship, though some say Buddhist worship Buddha, but that isn’t accurate.. respecting a great spiritual leader is different from worshiping a god. And the Buddha was fully human, not a deity.

        I agree with you… it is hard to love a god that doesn’t seem to really care about what happens to the people it has created. And the Christian god seems to be bipolar… in the Old Test. he is a mean, vicious god… in the New Test. a serene loving god… which is correct? This is why I don’t put much effort into Christianity. I take away from it the beautiful things Jesus said and did, but that is about all.

        Karma is like cause and effect… you do something and it causes a reaction which in effect returns to you in the same manner… good begets good, bad begets bad… but even with that, I’ve seen a lot of bad things continually happen to good people… the Hindu believe that Karma travels with you through many lifetimes and you have to continuously do good to erase any bad that you may have done in a past life… Some Buddhist believe this too, but their goal is Nirvana, total enlightenment, not repeating life to get it right.

        I do agree with you that there are lessons to be learned in everything… deserved or not.

        Have a blessed weekend, Em… and much love to you as well!


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