‘Gossip’, the app.

we have so graciously been given yet another app manufactured to help the number of teens’ suicides and self harm skyrocket.

‘Gossip’, an app which has recently shooted to popularity in France (I guess that gives some insight on the people over there) causing many, as expected, emotional problems.

And to be perfectly honest, why wouldn’t it? Rumours have always been a given in teen life, whether it’s a text shared to your friends on the lines of “omg have u seen tht skirt it’s like soo ew” or something more serious like pretending someone has a mental illness. So now that these people can share fake, maybe malicious information online anonymously, why the hell wouldn’t they?

I’m just praying tho doesn’t spread anywhere else, I’d prefer teens to die of old age, thanks.


6 thoughts on “‘Gossip’, the app.

  1. Sovann says:

    Oh. My. God.
    I live in France but THIS is sign that I am completely out of date concerning this crazy teenage life… I am shocked. Haven’t heard of it yet but I guess it will come.

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    • Aha to be honest I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing at the moment! Most of my family live in France so that’s how I was aware.. Thanks for the comment!


  2. Sovann says:

    I live in France but I am definitely out of this teenage world. I thought we were mean during my time but it is still getting worse… Haven’t heard about it yet but, I guess, will soon unfortunately..

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  3. Luna says:

    WOW. I don’t live in France but I can’t believe someone even thought of that! What a silly idea, when there is already enough trouble!! Ridiculous and rude.

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