exams are over. But are they really? When you first enrol for school, you set out for a set of standardised testing, comparative grading and attainment sets. To what gain? You are constantly under the pressure and stress to achieve what is disguised as “the best you can do” but is really how well you will do compared to everyone else. After unrelenting group of exams start and finish again and again, all to prepare you for the roller coaster that we call adult life, you realise the testing will never be over. After GCSEs there will still be A levels. And when your A levels are over, job interviews will be patiently waiting, another opportunity for you to be compared and dissected beside other people until, oh time for the bank to decide whether your suitable enough for them to validate a loan so you can afford to buy your house. That’s if you were able to jump through the necessary hoops to find your soul mate and bring up the perfect family of course. Life is a huge test – exams will never be over.


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