chapel. Another one of the schools upheld pretenses to make the school seem like a place of discipline, education and respect (because Christ’s Hospital truly is “a school like no other”). Only a fraction of the school pupils actually have a faith and still some of those people are not Christians, therefore the chapel services we have twice a week have no relevance to them whatsoever. The school’s argument is that whether you believe in God, chapel is a good place to relax, think and have some quiet time. However, I’m pretty that could be just as easily achieve in my bedroom. 


16 thoughts on “chapel

  1. Contemplating your smart phone in your boudoir isn’t the same as an ordered quiet spot for reflection and contemplation. I am not religious. I will give credit where I see credit is due and credit to the school for their consideration and tact.


    • Do you also give credit to the school for forcing people of other faiths to partake in a Christian sermon? Is that considerate? Is it considerate that they so untactfully coerce people from different religious backgrounds to be involved in something irrelevant to them?


      • You don’t get a vote in curriculum because that is the role of the administration and the parents that administration serves. You do have a voice. You do have the right if you’re over 16 to also quit.


      • So because the school decides to ignore the voices of the young students it is so called delivering an education to, you expect me to quit school?


      • That would be your choice to quit. It is one of the options. You could also refuse to attend and risk failure, suspension and/or expulsion. Again that would be your choice.

        Me I’d use my voice. They can’t shut that off unless you’re doing something along the lines of yelling FIRE in a crowded theatre when there is no fire.


      • But surely I should be giving give ‘credit to the school for their consideration and tact.’ If all options to do something against what I see as an unfair compulsory activity will get me in trouble, I don’t really get what your point is. You insist my school is all butterflies and daisies but all your suggestions of me saying what I believe is fair might get me expelled. Any explanation?..


      • I never said that and you really don’t want to be putting words in peoples mouths.

        Costs you nothing to recognize a consideration and actually wins you points.

        Don’t know if you’re American or not but is sounds probable. They cannot take away your constitutional rights. As a minor you really don’t have many rights so use what you got, smartly.


      • Soz hun but I used copy&paste. Please help me see where the consideration is in forcing people of different faiths to attend a solely CHRISTIAN sermon? For your information, I am not American (not that it matters). I don’t really see how you telling me I don’t have many rights helpful..?


      • Understanding is helpful. Knowing how to think is helpful. Showing grace is helpful. Offering up alternative to something you find offensive is helpful.

        Recognizing the other sides position is helpful. They have said if I follow you correctly that they don’t care if you pay attention and let your mind go other places. So let it go other places while your physical self is in chapel.


      • Yeah sorry to break it to you but you haven’t come across as any of those, in fact you’ve pretty much insisted that I should just blindly go along with this. The other sides position is what exactly? That they are the only ones who have authority in the situation? I’d do something about it but you’ve already told me I don’t have many rights anyway.. Whether I can think about other things during the sermon or not is irrelevant, why are they allowed to waste my time for a cause which I find unnecessary?


      • You and you’ve proven you don’t know how to think. You can rant and rage just fine but thinking is beyond your capability.

        Because that is the curriculum and you got two choices. You can accept and try to change it from within or you can quit in protest.

        I never said go blindly. You interpreted what you wanted to interpret to fit your needs. I showed you a way to tolerate and you rejected it. Not to smart.


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